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Create the perfect home, Room by Room!

“Room by Room” by Makro


The thought of renovating can excite anyone, which is why we often rush into it. Here’s a tip, don’t do everything all at once - enjoy the process and watch everything align. Start small by swapping old accessories with new ones, bearing in mind colours, textures and the styles you like. Another thing that’s important when improving your home, is having a visual picture in your mind of the final look and also writing down a few ideas. Create a mood board using magazine clippings, or check out Pinterest for inspiration before shopping so that once you get in-store, you know exactly what to go for.


Create a space that inspires you to show off your culinary skills and create tasty and authentic meals. Before you can start chopping it up, you need to make sure that you have the right essentials. At Makro, you can update your kitchen for just R500 with our quick fixes. Shop everything from cutlery, glassware, crockery and more! It’s the ideal items to kick off your home improvements.


Your bedroom is like a sanctuary that you need to look forward to. It needs to serve as an escape from everything else that’s around you. We’ve got bedroom items that’ll take your room to the next level. You can add some colour with a new duvet, sleep comfortably on new sheets or apply a throw for the perfect finish.


Living rooms, to some, are the face of every home. It’s the space where you get to connect with family and friends as well as unwind. It’s a space that needs to look and feel lively. Living rooms go as far as portraying who you are, they are a reflection of YOU. The tone of your living room will set the tone for the whole house. We have some ideas to improve your living room. You can give your living room some depth with a classy mirror to hang on your wall, or, you can add a touch of colour with some cute pillows. The options are endless!


Bathrooms are spaces we often ignore. What we don’t realise, is how pivotal they are to the house. From the style of the tile, to the softness of the towel, every detail matters. We want to help add a little sparkle and warmth to your bathroom and have it looking even more welcoming and pretty. You can get a new single door cabinet to put in all your items, or liven it up with some beautifully patterned mats.

Your home is a canvas that lets you express yourself with each passing season. 

Make the most of it by looking to the four seasons for life-changing inspiration! While Autumn calls for rich and delicious-looking colours, summer is all about bold accents like yellow, orange and red. Think about spring and how pretty it looks to have pot plants and vases with fresh flowers propped on a window sill. And imagine the comfort of a cosy throw and a bunch of fluffy cushions in winter...

It’s all so exciting! Get started on updating your room today and click here to check out our favourite items.

- The Makro Team