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Tell me About the changes in my Body

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Tell me About the changes in my Body

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A resource to help children and adults have comfortable conversations about growing up.

If you had to talk about puberty with a 10-year-old, where would you start? Reproduction? Menstruation? Pimples? Body hair? Would you look forward to a reassuring chat about changes that affect every single one of us? Or would you try to delay or avoid the issue.

Talking about matters related to sexual development can be awkward. Not talking about them can be extremely harmful.

Ignorance about bodily changes such as periods causes fear, stigma and distress. Lack of information leaves children vulnerable in a world of misinformation and puts them at risk of exploitation and abuse. Having plain facts presented in a positive way can change that.

Tell Me About the Changes in My Body is a new resource by Saranne Meyersfeld and Deborah Ewing to support conversations about puberty and adolescence. The book is full of light-hearted colour illustrations created by Saranne to convey positive messages about inclusion, diversity, body image and celebration of change.

The messages are implicit, designed to encourage confident questioning at a level appropriate to the age, language and cultural contexts of people using the book

Tell Me About the Changes in My Body is focused on children aged around 9-14 years but can be used by older adolescents, parents, grandparents, siblings and other caregivers, health and social workers, and educators.

The book is intended to support implementation of the latest UN International Guidance on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) and the South African Department of Basic Education CSE Curriculum. It is published by Micromega Publishing in association with the AIDS Foundation of South Africa.

Tell Me About the Changes in My Body is based on research with children. It was widely reviewed by adolescents and adults from diverse communities all South Africa. Here are some of their comments.

‘We welcome this very enlightening series, helping young people to make sense of the changes happening in their bodies. It celebrates the development of our unfolding sensuality and the uniqueness of every child. In demystifying our differences it promotes gender rights and responsibilities.’

Childline Gauteng

‘This book is a wonderful resource for inter-generational dialogues about sexuality and rights. The child government monitors in my office liked the section on gender and sexual identities the most. It was forward-thinking, they commended. Sexual and reproductive rights for children should not be taboo. All of us are sexual beings before birth. Thanks for this treasure.’

Christina Nomdo

Western Cape Commissioner for Children

‘I loved the book because it teaches and elaborates more on our bodies, gender and sexuality. Most of the things in the book we were never taught at school and that’s why I love it because I learnt a lot more. The book is very useful to me because whenever I feel stuck with something involving my feelings or body, I can refer back to it and I choose the right way.’

Vimbai Watambwa (age 15)

Child Government Monitor, Western Cape

‘It helps because as we grow up and notice the changes in our bodies it does not shock us because we already know what to expect.’

Children’s focus group, Limpopo

‘As a parent I would be comfortable that this book is factual and would be a good departure point for further conversation with my child.’

Female educator, North West

‘The topic itself is difficult, but I would be more comfortable using this book, to using other books that are not inclusive of all learners.’

Community organisation Director, KwaZulu-Natal

SKU 00950
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