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A Year in My Life. Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an amphibian - read this special book and find out! The narrative introduces youngsters to the true wonders of the natural world in an entertaining way. From waking up in the spring, to returning to his woodland den in the autumn, Frog gives a fascinating, funny and frightening true-to-life account of pond life. You can read all about his slimy snacks, see his tadpole babies growing up and transforming, and tremble at his terrifying encounters with Heron and Cat! Well, here we go - my very own diary! I think I should start with a few notes about me. I'm a frog. I've got two big eyes to see my food and one wide mouth to gulp it down. I've got a tubby green body, two strong back legs for leaping with, and two small front legs for landing on - but no tail. My know-all friend Newt tells me that I'm an amphibian. He says there are about 4,000 kinds, or species, of them. He is one too! He's almost as clever as my human friend Steve Parker, who helped me to get this book published. There are also illustrations by Robert Morton, Robin Carter and Philip Bishop, who I think you'll agree have captured my natural good looks.When it's warm enough, I live in the Pond. It's very busy. There are ducks, fish and bugs, as well as lots of other frogs, and visitors from far away. Life is never dull there, as you will discover when you read my exciting story!

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