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Di-Volution : An essential guide to winning in a digitally transformed post-pandemic environment Product ID : 9781990958359
Di-Volution : An essential guide to winning in a digitally transformed post-pandemic environment

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The book is titled Di-Volution and refers to the process of Digital Evolution that the world has been undergoing for decades now. This book is written to help everyone make sense of the crazy and tumultuous world around us as the digital tsunami rolls across the planet enabled by the Pandemic. The book provides practical guidance from real world examples and provides both operational and strategic insights. It will help many survive the threats posed but importantly, will assist the entrepreneurial to advance in the many opportunities that this opens up. The Digital transformation was already well underway by the time the Pandemic struck and it catapulted us 10 years into the future in terms of adoption and progress. The book explores the events leading up to Society and the Business world being so ready, willing and able to cope with this, once in a century, disruption. The narrative is played out with the metaphor of a war between the past traditional, analogue and legacy world versus the future of technology enabled, agile, disruptive and reinvention. The book explores how we got here, what is happening now and how we should be responding to the changes and then provides some guidance as to how firms, individuals and society need to pivot in their thinking and behavior to better prepare for the new digitally transformed world that awaits us. What should we stop, start and continue doing? It elaborates on who the players and what tactics and strategies are being used and then explains how competitive outcomes emerge and what victory will look like. The narrative explores various industries and case studies to add color to the dramatic and titanic battles underway as well as the dangers that they pose to society and current business strategy. Advice is provided on how to perform digital transformation in various functions and industries as well as for various entities from SME's and Corporates to Governments. Parents, managers, professionals and students will find the book to be illuminating and insightful in its narrative.

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