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UCount Reward & Trolley Dash Competition



Please read the Terms carefully and pay special attention to the clauses that are in bold, as they may limit our liability (responsibility) or involve some risk to you.


The Competition starts at 00:00 on Friday, 1 April 2022 and ends at 23:59 on Thursday, 30 June 2022 (Competition Period).


To qualify for the Competition, you must: 
2.1.1    permanently reside in the Republic of South Africa;
2.1.2    be 18 years or older; 
2.1.3    you are a cardholder of a Standard Bank personal debit, credit, or cheque card (Card) which Card is in good standing at the commencement of this Competition Period; or
2.1.4    you are an existing member of Standard Bank’s UCount Retail Rewards programme (UCount Rewards) whose account is in Good Standing (as defined in the UCount Rewards terms and conditions).


3.1    You must use your Card or redeem your UCount Rewards Points to pay for a single transaction for R350 or more at either Game or Makro during the Competition Period (Transaction) and you will receive an entry into the Competition. 
3.2    Every Transaction qualifies for an entry into the Competition and you may enter as many times as you want during the Competition Period.  

4.    PRIZES

Over the duration of the Competition there will be: 
4.1    30 entrants from the Provincial Draws (as provided for in clause 5.2) will each win a trolley dash experience valued at a maximum of R10 000 (ten thousand Rand) (Provincial Prize) at either Game or Makro, depending on where the entry Transaction was concluded.
4.2    6 entrants from the National Draws (as provided for in clause 5.3) will each win a trolley dash experience valued at a maximum of R10 000 (ten thousand Rand) (National Prize) at either Game or Makro, depending on where the entry Transaction was concluded.
4.3    The Provincial Prize and the National Prize are collectively referred to as the Prize.


5.1    We will choose the Prize winners through lucky draws conducted by our risk governance department on the below dates at 30 Baker Street, Rosebank, 2196 during the Competition Period as follows. The first valid entries drawn in accordance with the number of Prize winners for each draw will win the Prize:
5.2    Provincial Draws:

PeriodDraw dateNumber of Provincial Prize Winners
 1-30 April 2022 5 May 2022 11
 1-31 May 2022 3 June 2022 10
 1-30 June 2022 5 July 2022 9

5.2.2    The Provincial Prize winners will be allocated per Province over the Competition Period as follows:

Province April 2022May 2022 June 2022
KZN 221
GP 121
WC 222
NW 100
NC 100
FS 100
EC 112
Total 11109

5.2.3    The Provincial Prize winners may select the relevant Makro or Game store that is closest to them to have the trolley dash experience, depending on which stores are participating in the Competition.
5.3    National Draws:

PeriodDraw dateNumber of National Prize winners
1-30 April 20225 May 20222
1-31 May 20223 June 20222
1-30 June 20225 July 20222

5.3.2    The location of the Makro or Game store in which the trolley dash experience will take place, will be decided by Standard Bank in its sole discretion taking into account the proximity of the National Prize winners to the relevant stores.
5.4    If your entry is considered in any specific month of the Provincial Draws or National Draws your entry will not be considered for draws in any other month. 


6.1    A representative of ours will notify the Prize winner by no later than 4 days after each draw by telephone and/or email.
6.2    The Prize consists of a trolley dash experience which will take place at a Makro and/or Game Store in accordance with the provisions of clause 5 above.
6.3    Once the Prize winner accepts the Prize, the trolley dash experience may be conducted at the relevant Game or Makro store on one of the following dates, depending on the month in which the Prize was won:

PeriodTrolley Dash DayTrolley Dash Date
April 2022Tuesday
17 May 2022
18 May 2022
19 May 2002
May 2022Tuesday
14 June 2022
15 June 2022
21 June 2022
June 2022Monday

12 July 2022
13 July 2022
14 July 2022

6.4    Standard Bank may in its sole discretion change the date and the relevant store where any trolley dash experience will take place based on information received by the Prize winners relating to their proximity and availability to attend the trolley dash, provided it consults with Makro and/or Game before making such change.
6.5    The trolley dash experience will commence at 08h15 and the Prize winner must ensure they are at the relevant Makro and/or Game store at the indicated time.
6.6    The trolley dash experience consists of a standard shopping size trolley in which the Prize winner must fill it with as many items as possible in 4 (four) minutes subject to the value limitation.
6.7    The Prize winner may only select items up to a maximum value of R10 000. If there are items in the trolley that are more than R10 000, the Prize Winner will have the option of paying the difference, otherwise the items exceeding the value of R10 000 must be returned to the shelf.
6.8    If the Prize Winner runs out of time and does not manage to fill the trolley with items up to a maximum of R10 000 and/or selects items that are less than the value of R10 000, the Prize Winner will not receive cash or vouchers that add up to the difference in value of R10 000 and the Prize winners agree that he/she will forfeit (lost) the difference.
6.9    If the Prize Winner selects a television as part of the trolley dash experience, a valid SABC Television license must be produced at the store.
6.10    We must process your personal information to validate your entry and if you are a Prize winner, to make the Prize available to you. By entering the Competition, you consent to us processing your personal information for this purpose.  If you do not consent, please do not enter the Competition.
6.11    We may declare the Prize forfeited (lost) and we may choose a new Prize winner, if:
6.11.1    a Prize winner’s entry is not valid.
6.11.2    a Prize winner has breached these Terms.
6.11.3    a Prize winner cannot be contacted or does not accept the Prize within 3 days from the date that the Prize winner was contacted about the Prize.
6.11.4    a Prize winner gives up the Prize or we determine that the Prize winner has given up the Prize. 

6.12    The Prize may not be transferred from you to any other person or exchanged for any other item. We do however reserve the right to substitute the Prize with any other prize of a similar commercial value.
6.13    Neither we, Makro and/or Game and any of its affiliates are responsible if your entry is not successfully submitted or a Prize winner does not successfully receive or take up a Prize for any reason, including because of a technological failure. 
6.14    Neither we, Makro and/or Game and any of its affiliates are responsible for any loss or damage which you or any third party may suffer as a result of you participating in the Competition or accepting a Prize. 
6.15    The Prize winner must sign an in-store indemnity when arriving for the trolley dash experience.
6.16    The Prize will be subject to any additional store terms and conditions specified by Makro and/or Game and/or the supplier of the Prize.


7.1    We are the promoter of the Competition. Any reference to we/us/our includes our directors, sponsors, agents or consultants, where the context allows for it.
7.2    You cannot participate in the Competition if:
7.2.1    you are a director, employee, agent or consultant of Standard Bank; or
7.2.2    you are an immediate family member of any of the persons specified in clause 7.2.1; or
7.2.3    you are a supplier of any goods or services under the Competition.
7.3    These Terms are governed by the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 and any relevant data protection legislation.
7.4    These Terms apply to the Competition and all information relating to the Competition (including any promotional or advertising material that is published).
7.5    By entering the Competition, you are bound by these Terms.
7.6    We reserve the right to amend these Terms.
7.7    If there is a dispute in respect of these Terms or the Competition, our decision is final and binding.
7.8    If the Prize winner agrees to it, we may publish their name and/or photo in any internal or external advertising or promotional material for 12 months from the date on which the Prize winner accepts the Prize. We will determine the nature and distribution of these materials. If a Prize winner does not consent to the publication of their name and/or photo, the Prize winner will still receive the Prize.
7.9    If required by the Minister for Trade and Industry, the National Consumer Commission or for any other reason, we can end the Competition immediately with or without notice to you. If this happens, you waive (give up) any rights which you may have against us and you will have no claim against us.
7.10    Nothing in these Terms prevents you from approaching the National Consumer Commission or any other relevant authority to get assistance if you have a grievance.