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How do I use the Makro website to shop on NetFlorist?

1. You must be logged onto your Makro online profile, if not you will be re-directed to the Makro sign in page.  

2. Click on the “Start shopping on NetFlorist” button on Makro online and you will be re-directed to the NetFlorist info page.

3. Click on the “I Agree to Makro using my data to register me on NetFlorist” Checkbox.

4. Start shopping.

How is the 5% Discount applied to my purchase?

The discount will only reflect once you have added products to your shopping basket. The formula used to calculate the discount is, the total amount of product (or products) in your basket less five percent. The delivery fee is then added to this amount. This will then give you the final amount to be paid using the accepted payment types. i.e Total amount of your (product/s in your basket - 5%) + Delivery fee

Who will deliver my NetFlorist order?

Makro will not be delivering any NetFlorist orders. Due to the fact that you will be doing all your shopping on the NetFlorist website, your order will be delivered by NetFlorist.

Who do I contact if I have problems with my order?

If your order has not been delivered on the date you selected or you are having difficulty transacting on the Netflorist website, please contact NetFlorist on 0861 300 600 or send an email to [email protected] 

What personal information is needed to register me on NetFlorist?

The personal information that will be used to register you on the NetFlorist website is:

- Your first and last name

- The email address you used to register your profile on Makro online. You will not need to re-submit this information.

What are the available payment options?

1. Credit card

2. EFT (Please note that paying via EFT requires a proof of payment to be emailed or faxed to NetFlorist, before the order can be released)