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How can I see how much stock is available on the website?

Our website can provide an estimation of stock availability for delivery, collection or in-store, based on the previous day’s closing stock. Before you have selected your fulfilment choice, the site looks at your region (determined by your IP address), however only once we have the exact details of the fulfilment location, can we confirm the stock availability. We do our best to source stock even if it is low, but there may be cases where we will need to contact you as this may lead to extended lead times. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our business, we cannot guarantee the stock indicated on the site is in-store. However if you want to confirm the quantity available, it’s best to contact us on 0860 409 999 or your closest store. (Please note that, as a rule, we do not reserve stock).

Can you guarantee stock?

As we are competitively priced and our stock sells on demand, we cannot guarantee stock. However we will try our best to source the items for you. We will be in contact with you should we encounter any problems with stock.

What products are available online?

Where possible, our general merchandise and liquor range is available for purchasing online. Currently, the following exceptions do apply:
  • Trailers, due to their licensing requirements
  • Hazardous products, such as pool chemicals and liquid petroleum products
  • Google Chrome - Version 30 and later (Windows & Mac)
  • Clothing

Our food range can be browsed, but is unfortunately not available for online purchase at this stage.

You’ll notice that our range is growing all the time and now you have thousands more products to choose from in the Computer and Electronics categories.

How much liquor can I buy online?

We have no limitations on liquor purchases. However, any purchase over 150 litres requires a valid liquor license. If you are purchasing in your private capacity, you will need to provide us with written approval from the CEO of the Liquor Board.