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Frequently Asked Questions


Need help?

Call us on 0860 600 999 or mail Our operating hours are 8AM-6PM (Monday to Saturday) and 9AM-4PM (Sundays and public holiday) 

What is mCard?

mCard is Makro's rewards programme. Once you have downloaded the mCard app on your phone, you can access deals specific to mCard. By purchasing these items you earn mRewards - cash back in your mWallet to spend at Makro.

What is the difference between mCard and Makro Card?

You need a Makro card in order to shop in-store or online at Makro. mCard is Makro’s loyalty programme. When you download the mCard app, you can qualify for mRewards. A digital version of your Makro Card can be found in the Makro mCard app.

Do I need to have a Makro Card to use the mCard app?

Yes, but if you don’t have a Makro Card yet, you can still continue to register, as a card will be instantly issued to you. Current Makro Cardholders can use their existing Makro Cards to register.

Will the mCard app replace my Makro Card?

No, it simply provides you with a convenient additional option available on your phone. As your Makro Card details will be stored on the mCard app, you will be able to present either option to the cashier. Please ensure that your Makro Access Card number on mCard matches your physical card. If you need assistance with aligning your card numbers, contact the mCard Customer Service Agents on 0860 309 999

Do I still need to present my card in store to purchase items?

You will have the choice to either present your traditional Makro Card or your mCard to the cashier. If you are a Trade Debtor, you will however have to produce your physical card in store as well if you wish to pay with your Trade Debtor account.

My Makro Card is blocked. What do I do?

If your Makro Card is blocked you will not be able to make any purchases and therefore you will not be able to earn any mRewards. Contact us on 0860 309 999 for assistance.

I have multiple Makro Cards. Can I link them all to one mCard app?

You can only link one Makro Card to your mCard app or online profile.

I have multiple Makro Cards and the incorrect one is allocated to my mCard app. What do I do?

You can only earn mRewards by making purchases via the Makro Card that is linked to your mCard app. If you have funds in your mWallet that you wish to transfer, please contact 0860 309 999.

I have lost my Makro Card and need to look up my number. How do I do that?

When you log in to your mCard app, the system will be able to search for your Makro Card number, subject to verification of your personal details.

Can I transfer purchases from one Makro Card to another?

If you have funds in your mWallet that you wish to transfer, please contact 0860 309 999.

Is the mCard app safe to use?

The app is secure. However, as it has a wallet (mWallet), it is important to keep your password safe to prevent anyone else from using it.

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

If you are logged in on the app, simply tap “More”, followed by “Profile & preferences” to change your password. If you are logged out, tap “Forgot password” on the login screen and follow the instructions.

What are the password requirements?

  1. Passwords must contain characters from all three of the following categories: English upper case characters (A - Z); English lower case characters (a - z); and Base 10 digits (0 - 9).
  2. Please note that the password can contain any of the following punctuation or special characters: !@#$%&*[TC1]
  3. Passwords must consist of at least 8 characters. Passwords containing 13 or more characters are often stronger.
  4. Passwords must not contain the user's account name or parts of the user's full name.

Will my password expire?

Your password does not expire. You can however change your password, simply tap “More”, followed by “Profile & preferences” or request a new one at any time, via the “Forgot password” functionality on the login screen.

How do I log out from my mCard app?

Simply tap “More” followed by “Log out”.

I can’t log on to the mCard app. What can I do?

Try resetting your password by tapping “Forgot password”. If you are still unable to log in, contact us on 0860 309 999 for assistance.

Why do I need to provide my personal details?

You need to be 18 years or older to use the app, and because we want to protect the cash in your mWallet, we need to know who the account belongs to.

I am experiencing issues with registering. What can I do?

You will first have to download the mCard app and then you will have to submit the information required to register. If you already have an account registered on you do not have to register. Simply log in using the email address and password that you use to log into to your online account. If you do not have an online account and you are an existing Makro Cardholder, the system will automatically look up your current card number, using the details you have provided. If you are not yet a Makro Cardholder, the system will instantly generate one for you. If you need further assistance with Registration, please contact 0860 309 999

How do I switch off my mCard push notifications?

Tap on “More”, followed by “Profile & preferences” and then tap “Edit preferences”. This screen will enable you to select which notifications to switch off. Please note that notifications have to be switched on if you want to make use of the mWallet functionality to spend your funds.

What is the mWallet?

Your cash rewards on the mCard app are stored in a mWallet. Funds in your mWallet can be spent on purchases in any Makro store or transferred to any other mCard holder at your discretion.

How are funds allocated?

When the qualifying number of purchases has been reached on the promo item, the funds are automatically allocated to your mWallet within the mCard app.

Can I redeem my funds online?

Currently it is only possible to redeem your funds in a Makro store. Your online purchases will however contribute towards earning steps and accumulating mRewards.

How to use your wallet at the till?

  1. Inform the cashier that you want to pay with your mWallet.
  2. Wait for a One Time Pin sms
  3. Provide the One Time Pin to the cashier
  4. Wait for the transaction to be completed.

Can I do part payment using my mWallet funds?

Yes, but only in a Makro store.

Can I send money to another user from my mWallet?

Yes, simply tap “mWallet”, followed by the “Transfer money” button, and follow the prompts.

Can I cancel a fund transfer to another mCard user?

No, if a transfer is completed successfully, then it cannot be cancelled. The funds would need to be transferred back to your profile from the recipient.

Can I donate funds from my mWallet to charity?

Yes, go to your mWallet and tap “Donate to charity”. Then tap your charity(ies) of preference, insert the amount(s) you would like to donate and tap “Donate”.

Can I deposit cash into my mWallet?

No, only funds accumulated through mRewards in the mCard app will be available in your mWallet.

Can I link other payment types to my mWallet?

No, only funds accumulated through mRewards in the mCard app will be available in your mWallet.

What kind of products may I purchase with funds in my mWallet?

You may utilise your funds to purchase any product(s) at any Makro store nationwide excluding online store

Can I use the funds in my mWallet to purchase bulk items?

As long as you shop at a Makro store, there will be no limit to what you may purchase with your funds.

Can I withdraw the funds in my mWallet as cash?

The funds that are available in your mWallet cannot be converted to cash, but you may use it to purchase any product(s) at any Makro store nationwide.

How can I check my mWallet balance?

Simply log in to your mCard app, tap “mWallet” and enter your password as authentication to view your balance.

Can I get a statement of transactions in my mWallet?

Yes, statements are available within the mCard app, tap “mWallet” and enter your password as authentication to view your statement.

What is the maximum amount I can redeem from my mWallet in any one transaction?

You can redeem any amount, subject to what is available in your mWallet.

The item I purchased with my mWallet is faulty. What do I do?

You will be able to refund/exchange the product as usual.

When will I start earning funds in my mWallet?

Download the mCard app and register. Check which deals are available on the mCard app. You will start accumulating mRewards as soon as you start buying any of the qualifying products, within the pre-determined promo period. This will be subject to the maximum number of qualifying purchases stipulated by the terms and conditions of each deal. Your rewards earned and qualifying steps will be allocated overnight.

Is there a minimum amount I have to spend to earn mRewards?

No, there is no minimum amount to spend, however some mRewards require a qualifying number of steps/purchase to be completed before earning mRewards.

How long will it take to allocate my funds into my mWallet?

Your funds should be allocated overnight.

When will the funds in my mWallet expire?

Your funds will expire 36 months after the date on which they were earned.

I did not redeem the funds in my mWallet within 36 months. What will happen to it?

The funds in your mWallet are available for a full 36 month from the date they are earned but are then forfeited if not used in that period.

What happens to my balance if I cancel my membership?

Your remaining balance will be forfeited but you have the option of redeeming your funds at any till point before cancellation.

How many days do I have to query unallocated funds in my mWallet?

You should query unallocated funds within 30 days of the transaction.

What are mRewards?

mRewards are rewards in Rands earned from purchasing participating products and completing the required number of steps. You can earn mRewards by shopping in-store or online at

How are mRewards calculated?

Each deal has a number of steps required to earn a set reward value within a promotional period. You earn a step every time that you purchase one of the qualifying products with your Makro Card that is linked to the mCard app. There is a maximum number of times that you can earn the reward within the promotion period. You can track the steps and rewards you earn on your mCard app.

What products are included on the mRewards programme?

You can view all the products available on the programme by tapping “mRewards”.

Can I earn mRewards online?

Yes, to earn rewards online you just need to be 18 years or older and have a valid email address. If you already have a Makro Card and it matches the details that you supplied on registration, it will be linked to your profile. If you do not have one, a new Makro Card number will automatically be created for you.

How many times can I earn on a mRewards deal?

Check each deal for the predetermined maximum limit indicated by the grey dots in the deal description, which turn blue each time a step is completed.

Can I earn mRewards on expired deals?

You cannot earn rewards in your mWallet if the deal has expired.

What happens when I’ve reached the “Max earned” status on deals?

As soon as you have reached the “Max earned” status on a deal, you will no longer be able to earn mRewards with it. You can still earn mRewards on other deals.

What happens to my earned mRewards on items that I return?

The item returned will reduce the number of steps achieved towards earning rewards on the deal. If mRewards were earned for a completed deal, the value of the mReward will be deducted from your mWallet balance if the item is returned.

Will I be able to use my mCard app in another country?

No. You will only be able to use the app in South Africa.

What do I need to be able to use the mCard app?

You will need either an iOS 8.0+ or Android v 4.4.4 + device with mobile data available. Unfortunately, the functionality is not supported by any other ­mobile platforms.

Where do I get the mCard app?

You can download the app from Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

The mCard app does not run on my phone’s operating system version. What do I do?

Update your phone’s mobile operating system to the most recent version and try again.

I am not able to download the mCard app. What can I do?

Make sure you have data available on your device, and that you can download other apps as well. If you are still unable to download the app, your device may not support the app.

I accidentally deleted my app. What do I do?

You can download the mCard app again and log in as usual. Your previous activity and mRewards balance will reflect when you log in again.

The mCard app is down. What could be the problem?

Please make sure you are connected to your cellular or Wi-fi network and/or have data available, then try again. If you are still unable to connect please contact our mCard Customer Service agents.