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Earthquake Cinenova Grande 7 Channel Real Theatre, Home Cinema Power Amplifier-Colour-Titanium-Mod-Silver. Sold per Piece Product ID : CINENOVA GRANDE 7

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CINENOVA GRANDE AMPS 7channel Pure Home Cinema / Theatre  Amplifier - TRUE TO LIFE - EVOLVED & EXPANDED

Hand Crafted in California  USA, since 1980 & Now Sold in China Under License.

Cinénova Grande is created with love for detail, passion for strength and respect for grace.

We guarantee your encounter with Cinénova Grande will ignite your passion for audio. All aspects of Cinénova Grande is designed to enthuse the listener with clear audio quality, unlimited power and unsurpassed value. 



Features I Advantages I Benefits I Specifications I Value

Full Twelve Months Guarantee & 120 Months Warranty

"A potent combination of speed, grace & power" ~ Home Theatre Magazine

"An amplifier like the Cinenova Grande is the kind of component that other manufacturers fear, neighbours dread, and men lust after."

~Clint Walker, Home Theatre Magazine


@ 8 0HM  7 x 328W RMS All Channels Driven

@ 4 0HM 7 x 600W RMS All Channels Driven

@ 2 0HM 7 x 900W RMS All Channels Driven

Alpha One power amplifier blocks with EZXS (EASY ACCESS) technology

Cinénova Grande is comprised of individual amplifier blocks named Alpha One. Each Alpha One has a 15 amperes supply and is equipped with its own preamplifier and power supply circuits (electrolytes, rectifier, etc.). Alpha One is equipped with 12 ultra-fast 15 GHz, 30 amperes customized Toshiba transistors. This armament allows 1000 watts continuous power and 2000 watts transient response. Even the most complex low frequency material is reproduced with dynamic punch and rock-hard control.


Cinénova Grande is equipped with a monstrous 4000VA toroidal transformer. It is based on a core of pure ferrite giving the transformer a very high power density and stiffness compared to typical iron cores. The transformer is wound of 99.99% oxygen free copper of 12 gauge thickness. The use of oxygen-free copper as winding material increases the transformer's efficiency and stiffness significantly. 

Built-in AC line conditioner

Ensures the Cinénova Grande is unaffected by noise from the power grid. This ensures that DC content in the mains is not dissipated as heat and hum in the amplifier's main transformer. The exclusive power conditioner eliminates the need for expensive external power conditioners and related accessories.

Intelligent cooling system

Each Alpha One power module block has an immense heat sink of extruded and anodized aluminum. In the Cinénova Grande the heat sink is vertically grooved and extends from the inlet port at the bottom of the amplifier to output openings at the top. The Cinenova will keep cool even with the hardest and most rigorous use.

Total Protection

Cinénova Grande  has the ability to protect itself against even the most extreme circumstances. It is not just technical protection, but protection with detailed instrumentation. Diagnosis of the amplifier's operating condition is a simple visual task. Cinénova Grande’s transformer is constantly monitored by a thermal monitoring system. The amplifier's rear panel houses the instrumentation for the protection circuits. The instrumentation is built around FFI (Fused Fault Indicators) technology. Each Alpha One module block has two Fused Fault Indicators which lights up if a parameter is exceeded. FFI monitors the condition of the two 10 amperes voltage controlling local fuses.

Built-in electronic crossover

Allows each channel to be adjusted only to reproduce the user’s desired frequency range. A three-way switch and a potentiometer controls the filter function. If the switch is set to bypass, the crossover is disconnected and has no function and the channel acts as an ordinary mono output channel.  It is also an invaluable feature for users who are experimenting with bi-amping and want control over the spectrum each speaker part sees.

The MARS technology (Magnetically Actuated Reanimation System) is a new type of protection system that enables the use of all the amplifier’s power resources without  compromising the survivability of the amplifier under catastrophic conditions.

The internal communication of MARS is handled via optics rather than electrical circuits. The signal path remains free of artifacts that impact and taint the sound as no amount of light activity can influence an electrical system

In the event a short-circuit activates the MARS protection system, it continuously re-scans the output every 10 seconds. Normal operation automatically resumes as soon as the short-circuit condition is removed.

Includes Latest Technology Noise & Hum Free
Built-In Power Line Conditioner for Extra Claiirty & Stability
XLR Input Circuitry  I 12V Trigger I RCA Input

20Amp Circuit Breaker I Var. Filter 20Hz-5kHz

TIP: Kindly use the services of an Accredited or Certified Home Cinema Custom Installer, for 10 Years Warranty and  24 Months Guarantee Purposes. Thank you.

MSRP: US $ 6,999 / Piece

Product/Packaging Information
Product Weight
55.0 kg
Product Dimensions
54cm(L) x 45cm(W) x 24cm(H)
Shipping Weight
55.0 kg
Shipping Dimensions
70cm(L) x 58cm(W) x 44cm(H)

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