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Baseus AntiLa USB Type-A2.0 to Lightning Cable 2.4A - 1m Product ID : 6953156258754

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At Baseus, our products are based on our users. Quality, attention to detail and intuitive design are all aspects, which we pride ourselves with.


Full product name:

- Baseus - Simple Version of AntiLa Series Metal USB Type-A 2.0 to Lightning (MFI) Cable 2.4A/100cm - Black

Product model number:


Product background:

We have designed this product to be an alternate to the vastly common, standard white Apple Lightning cable. We chose to use Apple’s integrated MFI chip that allows for considerably more accurate charging rates while providing users with a more reliable grade of a Lightning cable.

The MFI (Made For iPhone) chip is a small authentication chip that tells the Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod that the cable is an Apple MFI Certified cable. This is important, as non-certified cables in some circumstances can be hazardous to a user’s device. Users can receive a warning message on their device when a non-MFI cable is detected. None-MFI cables can sometimes get hot and cause damage to a device.


As part of the MFI approval process, we were required to submit samples of our cable to Apple's independent testing facilities to undergo rigorous mechanical, tension, and electrical tests. In addition, we ourselves used advanced electrical testing equipment to ensure that every AntiLa Series cable is up to the Baseus and Apple MFI quality standards.

The Apple MFI badge/logo represents a lengthy process of hard work going back and forth between Apple, Apple's suppliers, and our own manufacturers, to provide us with this MFI certificate and allow us to use the Apple MFI badge/logo, we believe that our customers will greatly benefit and appreciate this.

We highly encourage users to check whether a brand that is selling an MFI lightning product is indeed certified by Apple. Apple has a webpage that allows just that.


Through the use of a stealthy black anodized aluminium connector and a stealthy black nylon textile for the outer layer of the cable, we are confident that we have created a product that gives our users a sentiment of differentiation, while giving them the confidence that this product will provide them with the exact same charging reliability as expected from an original Apple Lightning cable.

Main features:

- 1 Meter cable length.

- 2.4A (Amperage) – Allows for a fast charging speed.

- USB 2.0 Speed – 480Mbps (Megabits Per Second) allows for a fast and respectable data transfer rate.

- Apple Lightning connector.

- An Apple certified MFI chip allows for the most accurate and safest charging rates.


Secondary Features:

- Woven nylon exterior – We have used a durable high-quality woven nylon fabric on the exterior layer of the cable to protect the cable’s internal wiring from common user damage.

- Anodized aluminium shell – We have used an aluminium shell on the connectors as it drastically increases their durability against wear and tear, the connector heads have also gone through an anodizing process which protects them against corrosion and creates a refined finish.

- Durable TPU – A durable yet flexible TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) rubber ensures that the joint point where the nylon outer layer of the cable meets the aluminium casing of the connectors cannot be easily damaged. This is the most common area where cables tend to fail, hence, why we have gone through a lot of effort in performing thousands of plug and tensile tests as to safeguard that this area is as durable as possible.


Product/Packaging Information
Product Weight
0.04 kg
Product Dimensions
12cm(L) x 9cm(W) x 2cm(H)
Shipping Weight
0.04 kg
Shipping Dimensions
12cm(L) x 9cm(W) x 2cm(H)