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Baseus Golden Belt USB Type-A 3.0 to Type-C Cable 3A - 1.5m Product ID : 6953156265400

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At Baseus, our products are based on our users. Quality, attention to detail and intuitive design are all aspects, which we pride ourselves with.


Full product name:

- Baseus - Golden Belt Series USB Type-A 3.0 to USB Type-C Cable 3.0A/150cm – Black + Red

Product model number:


Product background:

We have designed this product to be our most durable cable with the highest amperage and data transfer rate.


The Golden Belt Series cables offers a high amperage rate of 3.0A for a quicker charging experience and has a high data transfer rate owing to the USB 3.0 integration that offers transfer speed of 640 Mbps (Megabits Per Second).


We have chosen to use a durable grade of nylon for the outer layer of the cable as well as aluminium alloy for the connector shells as to protect the USB Type-C and USB Type-A connectors from wear and tear.


We are confident that we have reached our goal in creating our most robust cable that can offer a high data transfer and a high charging speed.

Main features:

- 1.5 Meter cable length cable.

- 3.0A (Amperage) – Allows for a much faster charging speed.

- USB 3.0 Speed – 640 Mbps (Megabits Per Second) allows for a very fast data transfer speed.

- USB Type-C connector.


Secondary Features:

- Woven nylon exterior – We have used a durable high-quality woven nylon black fabric on the outer layer of the cable to protect the cable’s internal wiring from common user damage and to ensure that the cable is as robust as possible.

- Anodized aluminium shell – We have used aluminium alloy for the shell of the connector as it drastically increases the durability against wear and tear, the connector heads have gone through a black and red anodizing process which protects the cable against corrosion and produces a beautiful refined finish. The anodised black is in a matt finish while the red is polished, these accents create an elegant yet discreet effect. - Durable TPU rubber used in the self-regulating joint – we have used a very durable grade of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) rubber in the self-regulating joint area, this is the point where the nylon outer layer of the cable meets the aluminium casing of the connector. This area is the most common area where cables tend to fail, hence, why we have gone through performing thousands of plug and tensile tests to ensure that this area is as durable as possible.

- Reversible USB Type-C connector – USB Type C cables are reversible, allowing the user to no longer need to check which side of the connector has to be connected into the port.


Please note that this USB Type-C is not video functional. It facilitates charging and data transfer only.

Product/Packaging Information
Product Weight
0.06 kg
Product Dimensions
20cm(L) x 9cm(W) x 2cm(H)
Shipping Weight
0.06 kg
Shipping Dimensions
20cm(L) x 9cm(W) x 2cm(H)