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Baseus Wireless Charging Case for iPhone 7 Plus & iPhone 8 Plus Product ID : 6953156267459

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At Baseus, our products are based on our users. Quality, attention to detail and intuitive design are all aspects which we pride ourselves with.


Full product name:

- Baseus - Magnetic Wireless Charging Multi-Function Case for iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 8 Plus – Black


Product model number:



Product background: 

We have designed this product as an answer to the all too common scenario where an iPhone user has to connect his iPhone to a cable in a car and then place it in a cradle/holder. 


This can very often be inconvenient, so we designed a case that can seamlessly charge an iPhone wirelessly in a vehicle (or any other environment) with the use of a unique magnetic charging vent mount. 


In addition, this case has also been designed to resolve the all too common issue of discomfort when having an Apple Lightning cable connector pressing into the palm of a user’s hand while playing games or watching videos in landscape mode.


The magnetic charging connector can simply be placed behind the case providing the phone a charge without creating any discomfort to the hands of the user.


The case also utilises a folding ring holder design, the ring can rotate 160 degrees and fold 180 degrees flat. 


This ring can be used to insert a finger and therefore have a much better grip of the case subsequently lower the risk of having the iPhone fall out of the user’s hand. 


This ring is also designed to be used as a desk stand, when the ring is raised out, it conveniently allows users to watch a video in landscape mode without having to hold the phone in their hands.  


Main features:

- Magnetic Wireless Charging –  Allows users to easily and conveniently place the magnetic connector near the rear of the case, the strong magnets would automatically align the connector to the case and provide a stable and firm charge.

- Built in Apple Lightning port – We have decided to utilise an Apple Lightning connector inside the case and an Apple Lightning port on the bottom of the case, this allows users to conveniently use their current Apple Lightning charging cable and connect it directly to the case without ever having to need to physically remove the iPhone from the case each time they charge their iPhone. 

- Ring design– The Baseus Magnetic Wireless Charging Multi-function case has been designed around the idea of increasing user convenience, we have therefore added a ring that can be raised and lowered flat when needed. 

This ring can be rotated 360 degrees and has two main purposes, the first is to allow users to insert a finger, therefore, have a better grip of the phone and lowering the risk of the case slipping out of the user’s hands and falling on the ground.

- Facilitates data transfer – Unlike most iPhone charging cases, we have added the support for data transfer, hence, if users want to transfer data from their iPhone to their computer via a data cable, they won’t need to remove the case and have to connect the cable directly to their iPhone. 

This therefore permits the user to conveniently sync information from their iPhone to a computer or vice versa and adds support for the use of Apple CarPlay while never needing to remove the iPhone from the case. 

In addition, Apple Lighting earphones and other Lighting accessories can be connected directly to the case to listen to music.

- 1M long cable – We have chosen to utilise a 1meter long cable. 

- 1A (Amperage) output charge rate – The cable provides a 1A (Amperage) output charge speed, ensuring a stable continuous charge. 


We have not only designed this product as a magnetic wireless charging multi-function case but also as a protective case that can shield the rear of the iPhone from impacts and scratches.


Secondary features:

- Sleek slim design.

- Smooth surface finish.

- Dual material usage; Rubber soft TPU material is used around the chassis of the case to absorb shock from drops, this rubber-like material also provides a tight fit for the iPhone and lastly allows the user to easily insert and remove the iPhone from the case. Hard polycarbonate plastic is used on the rear of the case to provide overall rigidity and protect the internal hardware components of the case.

- Protect your iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 8 Plus from drops.


Please note: 

Box includes the Baseus Magnetic Wireless Charging Multi-Function Case for iPhone 7 / iPhone 8 (Black) as well as a 1 meter long, 1A (Amperage) magnetic charging connector to USB Type-A cable.

Product/Packaging Information
Product Weight
0.16 kg
Product Dimensions
20cm(L) x 14cm(W) x 3cm(H)
Shipping Weight
0.16 kg
Shipping Dimensions
20cm(L) x 14cm(W) x 3cm(H)