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Jimmy JF6 Hair Dryer -  Purple Product ID : F6 - PURPLE
Jimmy JF6 Hair Dryer -  Purple

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Jimmy F6  Nanoi Ultrasonic Hair Dryer - Purple
F6  Purple

The Jimmy F6 hard dryer is great for Fast Hair drying and to Infuse your hair with Nano Water Ions

Dry Hair in Seconds:
With a High-speed turbo fan, the digital more increases hair drying efficiency by 30%
The concentrated airpath produces high-pressure and high-velocity air to deep reach hair roots and quickly dry hair without over heating

Thermostatic Wind – No hair hurts
With intelligent temperature control the intelligent NTC sensor measures the air temperature over 50 times a second, pass the data to the control chip, and maintain the stability of the wind temperature, to help protect your hair’s shine.

The 17-leaf high speed turbo fan digital motor significantly reduces the noise generated by harmonic resonance of motor, leaving only airflow sounds.

Nano water ions nourished hair and strengthen hair quality.

The water ion hair dryer condensed the moisture in the air into water dew, and then applies a high voltages to the water dew through the needle electrode to atomize the water dew, eventually generation negatively  charged water ions, and the water ions are transported to the hair surface through the cold air flow. Water ions can not only effectively reduce static electricity but also balance the water of scalp and hairs to avoid bifurcation.

Negative ions neutralize static electricity, decrease frizz, increase smoothness.
The Negative ion generation can release more than 10 million units/cm3 of negative ions per second, covering the hair surface, neutralizing the positive charge on the hair, eliminating static electricity, smoothing the hair, making the hair soft and healthy.

One-Click Styling:
The wind temperature and wind speed are adjustable with one click to shape lasting hairstyles in seconds.
Easy to shape straight and curly hair
3-level Air Speed Adjustment
3-level temperature adjustment: 95 degrees  high temperature level – to dry and style rapidly
75 degrees medium temperature level – for normal hair drying
55 degrees lower temperature level – for gently hair drying
3 Modes: Cold air mode keeps the durability of the hairstyle
Heated air dries hair fast
Cold and hot circulations air dries and styles at one step

Multiple Shape:
Magnetic touch design
Easily load the 3 different wind nozzles for shaping a variety of hairstyles
3600 rotation magnetic nozzles making is easier to replace and rotate the air nozzle
Quick Dry Nozzle – Dries hair with smooth, gently and controller airflow, helping to create a natural finish
Styling Nozzle – Creates a high-speed blade of air that’s perfect for styling
Diffuser Nozzle – Disperse airflow evenly around your curls, helping to reduce frizz and define curls and waves

Color : Purple
Voltage : 220-240V
Power : 1800W
Motor : High Speed Brushless Motor
Airflow : 18L/S
Water Ion : Nano Ion
Negative Ion : >10M/CM
Temperature : High/Mid/Low
Air Speed : High/Mid/Low
Mode : Heat/Cold/Hot&Cold Circulation                                                                                                                                                                     Power Cord Length: 1.8m                                                                                                                                                                                         Weight: 500g (without cord)                                                                                                                                                                                         Accessories Included:  Quick Dry Nozzle, Styling Nozzle, Diffuser Nozzle

- 12 months

Please read this instruction manual carefully before use, properly save and store it for future use.

Product/Packaging Information
Product Weight
0.3 kg
Product Dimensions
33cm(L) x 24cm(W) x 10cm(H)
Shipping Weight
0.3 kg
Shipping Dimensions
50cm(L) x 25cm(W) x 50cm(H)