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M=Educ8 School Programme Terms and Conditions


1. For Parents/School supporters
1.1 To participate in the programme parents/supporters are required to download and register on the mCard app, then link their profile to their chosen school/educational institution
1.2 Parents/supporters can choose to link to a school/educational institution, or opt out of supporting a school, at any time by updating their preferences on the mCard app, under menu option “More”
1.3 A parent/supporter may only be linked to one school/educational institution at a time, that is the chosen school/ educational institution, by the parent/supporter
1.4 Makro customers who at present receive preferential pricing with Makro and will not be permitted to link to a school/ educational institution
1.5 Once successfully linked to a participating school, 0.5% of the parent/supporters spend in Makro every month will be allocated to the school/ educational institutions’ overall rebate amount for benefit and spend by the school/ educational institution
1.6 Parents/supporters will not benefit directly from the accumulated value of their spend. This will be attributed and benefited to the linked school/ educational institution
1.7 Parents/supporters will receive an SMS every month informing them of the accumulated total parent/supporter group contribution to their nominated school/educational institution for the month
1.8 Parents/supporters who are linked to a school will still be able to earn standard mRewards on the deals available on the app
1.9 If the required school/ educational institution is not listed you can send the details to and Makro will contact the school/educational institution to invite the school to join the programme
1.10 All parents/supporters will be automatically de-linked from their nominated school/educational institution on 31 December of the year they linked to their chosen school/educational institution. If you wish to participate the following year you will need to refresh your school/ educational institution link on 1 January of the new year.
1.11 Products which are excluded, and will not count towards this spend are:
1.11.1 Tobacco
1.11.2 Liquor
1.11.3 Cellular products, including handsets, airtime and starter packs
1.11.4 Pool chemicals
1.11.5 LP gas
1.11.6 Motor Oil
1.11.7 Paper
1.11.8 Value-added services (Money Centre services, including pre-paid electricity and extended warranties)
1.11.9 Gift cards (Makro gift cards and other gift cards from Gift Card Mall, including iTunes and Google Play gift cards)

2. For Schools/Educational institutions
2.1 To participate in the programme schools/educational institutions are required to sign a Participation Agreement form and return it to the Makro CRO or email it to . Download form here
2.2 The participating school/educational institution must indicate the relevant Makro card number to which the rebate will be paid, and this Makro card must be a trade debtor card or a zero trade debtor card. Schools/educational institutions must indicate this Makro card number on their Participation Agreement form
2.3 The programme rebate is paid out monthly by Makro into the school’s Makro card nominated on the Participation Agreement form
2.4 Schools are required to spend a minimum of R30 000 over 6 months in order to qualify to remain part of the programme