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What is the mCard app and mRewards?

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The app is available for download from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


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mCard is Makro's rewards program

Download the mCard app and qualify for mRewards - cash back to spend, send or donate when you buy selected products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mCard?

mCard is Makro's rewards programme. Once you have downloaded the mCard app on your phone, you can access deals specific to mCard. By purchasing these items you earn mRewards - cash back in your mWallet to spend at Makro.

What is the difference between mCard and Makro Card?

You need a Makro card in order to shop in-store or online at Makro. mCard is Makro’s loyalty programme. When you download the mCard app, you can qualify for mRewards. A digital version of your Makro Card can be found in the Makro mCard app.

How do I switch off my mCard push notifications?

Tap on “More”, followed by “Profile & preferences” and then tap “Edit preferences”. This screen will enable you to select which notifications to switch off. Please note that notifications have to be switched on if you want to make use of the mWallet functionality to spend your funds.

What is the mWallet?

Your cash rewards on the mCard app are stored in a mWallet. Funds in your mWallet can be spent on purchases in any Makro store or transferred to any other mCard holder at your discretion.

Can I withdraw the funds in my mWallet as cash?

The funds that are available in your mWallet cannot be converted to cash, but you may use it to purchase any product(s) at any Makro store nationwide.

When will I start earning funds in my mWallet?

Download the mCard app and register. Check which deals are available on the mCard app. You will start accumulating mRewards as soon as you start buying any of the qualifying products, within the pre-determined promo period. This will be subject to the maximum number of qualifying purchases stipulated by the terms and conditions of each deal. Your rewards earned and qualifying steps will be allocated overnight.

What are mRewards?

mRewards are rewards in Rands earned from purchasing participating products and completing the required number of steps. You can earn mRewards by shopping in-store or online at