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Local & International Money Transfer

Local Money Transfer

Send and Receive money using Standard Bank Instant Money at any participating Makro store.

How it works

  • Go to any Makro Money Centre or cigarette counter. The money can be sent to anyone, up to R5 000 per day and R25 000 per month.
  • The sender has to take their SA ID, cellphone number, the recipient's cellphone number. The sender chooses a secret 4-digit PIN and pays in the money to be sent including a R9.95 fee.
  • The sender receives a Money Transfer voucher number by SMS.
  • It is the sender’s responsibility to give the Money Transfer voucher number and the PIN to the person they want to receive the money. Make sure you only give the PIN number to the person who will collect the money on the other side.
  • The money can be collected immediately at any Money Centre in participating Game, Builders, Makro, Cambridge Foods and Rhino stores in SA.
  • Money can also be collected at any Standard Bank ATM or other Instant Money agent in SA.

International Money Transfer

You can pay for cross-border money transfers for Hello Paisa, MamaMoney and Mukuru as a bill payment at any Makro store in SA

How it works

  • Register with either Hello Paisa, MamaMoney or Mukuru using their App, website, or call center.
  • Create an order using your preferred channel (App, Call Centre, USSD, etc.) with either Hello Paisa, MamaMoney or Mukuru.
  • Bring the Hello Paisa, MamaMoney or Mukuru reference number to the Money Centre at any participating Makro store, request an Account Payment and give the reference number and cash to the cashier.
  • Your money will be available in the destination country in accordance with the terms offered by Hello Paisa, MamaMoney or Mukuru depending on which service you choose.
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