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GORILLA SPORTS SA - Nylon Rope with Chrome Swivel Joint 85cm Product ID : 100957-00004-0001
GORILLA SPORTS SA - Nylon Rope with Chrome Swivel Joint 85cm

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This is supplied by GorillaSportsSouthAfrica and may result in additional delivery fees.

For varied arm training: The Gorilla Sports Single Hand Triceps Rope

With the Single Hand Triceps Rope, you train your triceps with targeted isolation exercises at the cable tow tower. Your wrists move naturally as you strengthen different areas of ​​the three-headed triceps depending on your grip technique and the exercise.

The Single Hand Triceps Rope improves the balance of your upper arms

When training with the Single Hand Triceps Rope you train muscles throughout the upper arms, which results in muscle gain and improved appearance.

Features and Specifications:
- Made of nylon
- Length: 30cm, Rope Thickness: 28mm
- Weighs 400g
- Maximum load capacity: 120KG
- Tips for training with the triceps rope

To get the most out of the exercise, make sure to stand close enough to the cable tow tower so that the rope runs vertically. Keep your arms slightly bent, as a straight arm would injure the elbows. Do not swing your upper body and perform the exercise in a controlled manner, focussing on keeping your upper arms and elbows in place.

Product/Packaging Information
Product Weight
1.0 kg
Product Dimensions
8cm(L) x 14cm(W) x 22cm(H)
Shipping Weight
1.0 kg
Shipping Dimensions
8cm(L) x 14cm(W) x 22cm(H)