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Why is the sale called ‘BLACK 5 DAY’?

The sale lasts for 5 days: from 21-25 November. 

Why can’t I buy everything?

Over BLACK 5 DAY we have limited the online catalogue in the interests of delivering on our promises. You can still shop the entire catalogue in store.

What can I do if my order hasn’t arrived?

You can track your order under the ‘My orders’ tab in  ‘Profile’ section.

How much will my delivery cost?

During Black Friday, you will pay R70 per delivery. However, this fee does not apply for items from 3rd party vendors, as these will be charged at an additional R70 per seller. Groceries, liquor and bulk orders are excluded. Lockers and click-and-collect are free.

How can I find out information about a product that is not on the BLACK 5 DAY sale?

Click on the product image and you will see product detail.

How long will my order take?

During Black Friday, we are committed to having all deliveries fulfilled as fast as possible. Deliveries, locker and click-and-collect will take 7-10 days. You will be notified when your order is ready.

Is there a limit to how many of the same items I can buy over BLACK 5 DAY?

Yes, however, this will vary depending on the product during BLACK 5 DAY.

What can I do if what I want to buy is sold out?

You can add this item to your list or you can try searching for similar items to add to your list. You can buy these items in store or order them online after BLACK 5 DAY.

How do I claim my R50 Uber voucher?

First of all, you need to have the Uber app on your phone and have an active Uber account. If you need any help setting up Uber, check out this handy help page on the Uber site:

Now that you have your Uber account sorted, you can claim your R50 voucher to ride to a Makro near you.
  • This offer entitles Uber users to a discount of R50 on each of two rides for rides that start within the BLACK 5 DAY promotion area and promotion period. All you have to do to apply the voucher to your trip's fare, is enter the promo code before your trip begins. 
Here's how:
1. Select "Payment" from your app menu - look for the burger menu in the top left corner.
2. Scroll down to Promotions.
3. Tap Add Promo Code/Gift Code. 
4. Enter the code MAKRO5DAY and tap ADD.
5. Now simply book your trip to a Makro store or your trip home and enjoy R50 off your trip on us! 

Note: Use the same promotion code to book your trip to a Makro store and back home.