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Makro's Pick-Up Locker Collection Service

We truly care about providing the best experience to our valued online shoppers. We are always looking for new, innovative ways of enhancing your customer experience. That is why we are proud to introduce our Makro Pick-Up Locker collection service - a brand new way for you to get the goods that you order online.
We have selected convenient and safe destinations like garage forecourts and fast food retailers to provide a locker facility near you.

We have selected convenient and safe destinations like garage forecourts and fast food retailers to provide a locker facility near you.

Using the service is as easy as selecting the Makro Pick-Up Locker collection option at checkout. Once your order is ready for collection from your selected Makro Pick-Up Locker, you will receive a text message and email with a unique code that grants you access to your order at your selected Makro Pick-Up Locker location.

Makro Pick-Up Lockers are available across the country. We have over 75 lockers nationally.

How it works

Step 1: Select your products and add them to your trolley (size limits do apply).
Step 2: When happy with your selection, begin the checkout process
Step 3: In the "Collection and Delivery" section of the checkout process, select the "Collect from my nearest locker" option for delivery fulfilment. Enter your location in the “Search for your location” tab on the map provided to select the locker near you from the drop down menu. Should the locker option not be available at checkout, please note that the selected item is not eligible for locker fulfillment.
Step 4: Pay (there is a R30 collection fee)
Step 5: Receive SMS and email notification of order being ready for collection at your selected Makro Pick-Up Locker location
Step 6: Collect your order from the Makro Pick-Up Locker within 48 hours

The benefit of using the Makro Pick-Up Locker service is that it allows you to collect your orders at your convenience, at any time of the day, from a location near to you or where you work. No more stressful delivery logistics or schedule juggling!

How long will my order stay in the Makro Pick-Up Locker?

Your order will be available for 48 hours in the secure Makro Pick-Up Locker, after which it will expire and we will cancel the order, refunding you for the items purchased. We will try and contact you before an order expires by SMS and email but we cannot guarantee that the order won't be collected and returned to the store if not collected in 48 hours.

What items qualify for Makro Pick-Up Locker collection?

While the locker solution provides great benefits for most merchandise and liquor, there are some limitations to the lockers, thereby excluding certain items from eligibility.

  • There are size limits that apply to what will fit into the Makro Pick-Up Lockers. Anything that exceeds the Makro Pick-Up Locker dimensions are excluded from the service (for example, appliances larger than a coffee machine, furniture, etc.)
  • Paint is excluded
  • All food produce is excluded
  • Hazardous materials such as pool treatment goods, acids and car batteries are excluded
  • The following Makro Pick-Up Lockers do not accept liquor:
    1. Mcdonald’s Sandton
    2. Mcdonald’s Woodmead
    3. Mcdonald’s Fourways
    4. Mcdonald’s Jean Avenue

Where are the Makro Pick-Up Lockers situated?

Our Promise

When using this service, you can rest assured that every step will be taken to ensure your satisfaction. If anything unexpected occurs in the order or delivery process, our customer service team will be there to make sure that you are kept informed, ensuring you get your goods without any undue hassle.

Need help?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us on 0860 600 999 during office hours.

For more information on our policies and processes, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.