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Makro TV Licence

Before you purchase a television, via our online shopping platform or in-store, you will need to either buy a TV licence or renew an existing licence (which might necessitate payment of amounts in arrears at the SABC).

When buying a television online, the purchasing and renewal of a TV licence will be done simultaneously with the purchasing of the television. When buying in-store, one of our many qualified salespeople will be able to help you with the process.

Online TV Licence Process – Purchasing

You have bought a TV online and now you need to purchase a TV licence. What we will need from you is either a South African ID number, or a valid TV licence number or EasyPay number.

You will then be asked what type of TV licence you are applying for and whether it is for domestic or holiday home use. Once we have your information, we will conduct a search for your SABC profile. If you do not have an existing profile, you will be asked to create a new account using your contact details and basic personal information.

Our system will create your account and return your TV licence number, type of licence and the amount due (R265.00) to be paid. This cost will be added to your trolley and may not be removed while you have a TV in your trolley. Once the amount is paid, the TV will be linked to a validation number that will verify your licence - and your brand new TV will then be scheduled for delivery.

Note: Makro is unfortunately not able to refund payments to SABC.

Online TV Licence Process – Renewing

If you already have a TV licence, our highly efficient online system will be able to source your existing licence number/s and process your renewal.

For TV licence renewals, we will need either an existing SABC TV licence number, or a South African ID number, or a valid Easy Pay transaction number.

Step 1
Search or apply

Choose to either validate your existing licence, or apply for your new licence.

Step 2
Complete your details

Fill in the necessary details

Step 3

The costs of your TV licence will automatically be added to the trolley.

Want to Get Your TV Licence In-store?

You can renew or pay your TV licence without purchasing a TV at any Makro store, or on the SABC website here.