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Privacy and Cookies Policy

Makro is committed to protecting customer privacy. This privacy policy explains how Makro collects customer information, how Makro uses it and what a customer's access rights are. For any questions concerning personal information, please contact us or call 0860 300 999.

Information Collected

When a customer uses the Makro website either for browsing or for online shopping, Makro collects the details provided by the customer. With this information, Makro learns about the customer's preferences from the use of Makro's products or services as well as the transactions undertaken when visiting Makro’s stores, such as:

Basic Personal Details

When a customer registers for a Makro card, creates an online profile or shops online, Makro requests the following personal details:

  • Name and surname
  • Email address
  • Mobile number
  • Identity number
  • Date of birth
  • Business details (if registered as a business).

No credit card information is stored on Makro’s servers in the form of cookies. Makro uses secure and reputable payment processors. If a customer provides Makro with credit card information, the information is encrypted using secure socket layer technology (SSL) and stored with an AES-256 encryption. Although no method of transmission over the Internet or electronic storage is 100% secure, Makro follows all PCI-DSS requirements and implements additional generally accepted industry standards. On occasion, Makro will ask a customer to voluntarily provide additional information, for example:

  • Opinions on Makro’s products and services through feedback or product reviews
  • Communication preferences, including newsletters

Makro may collect additional information arising from a customer's participation in promotions, events or competitions and information provided when giving feedback or completing forms. Makro makes use of various data enhancement services to ensure that customer data is as accurate as possible. Makro also recruits new customers through collaborative campaigns.

Makro Uses Cookies

Like many online service providers, Makro uses cookies for the purpose of facilitating a customer's use of Makro’s sites and to find out how Makro’s service may be improved. Makro use cookies and other technology to collect and analyse information about a customer's usage on Makro’s website to test, analyse, deliver, and personalize content and the user experience.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on a user's computer via the browser when visiting a website. More information about cookies can be found on:

Use of information

Makro uses customer information to personalise its service and make communications more relevant to individual customers via mail, email, telephone, fax or in person. This includes direct marketing activities like promotional offers, news and information about products and services that Makro decides will be of interest to its customers. Makro also contacts customers to obtain feedback that will help improve its products and services and for operational reasons. Customers may occasionally also receive very carefully selected and relevant third party communications done in conjunction with Makro.

Different Types of Cookies

Makro uses cookies on its website for the following purposes:


Makro uses access cookies to identify subscribers and ensure access to subscription-only pages. Customers need to understand that they are participating in a public forum and that all submitted content and other personal information will be available to all other site users, the community and potentially third party sites.


Fraud prevention

Makro uses fraud prevention cookies to monitor and prevent suspicious activity and fraudulent traffic.



Functional cookies are used to provide basic functionalities when using Makro’s website. For example; setting preferences or to remember previous delivery addresses and recipients.



Performance cookies are used to monitor site performance. This helps Makro to provide online visitors with a high quality user experience by quickly identifying and fixing any issues that arise. For example, Makro might use performance cookies to track error messages, and to determine site improvements.



Analytical cookies are used to optimise Makro’s service. For example, to optimise the usability of Makro’s website by AB-testing a new feature, to make the website more user-friendly and to analyse how a customer uses a service. Makro uses cookies to help understand its audience and to measure the success of advertising campaigns. Makro also uses analytical cookies to stop bots and malicious behaviour. When Makro use analytical cookies, this could include third party cookies. These third party analytical cookies process personal information.



Personalisation cookies are used to improve a customers experience of Makro's products by personalising Makro's sites. For example, Makro may help a customer find new content and recommend email alerts based on topics a customer reads or searches. Makro aims to understand what type of device and operating system a customer is using to show the best version of the site. Makro uses cookies to identify a customer's location and to display the products on the site that are the most relevant to the current location. 


Advertising cookies are used for commercial, editorial and promotional purposes. With these cookies, internet and surfing behaviour can be followed over various domains and websites. Advertising cookies are often placed by third parties. For example, if a customer reads a number of articles on food on other sites, that customer would see more food-related advertisements as Makro has inferred that they are interested in this topic. A customer may also see advertisements for Makro’s products and services on other websites if they have previously visited Makro’s sites. Makro uses cookies to understand what advertisements have been shown, or clicked on, and to present a customer with advertisements that are more relevant to their interests.


Makro does not have access to or control over (personal data collected via) these cookies or other features that advertisers and third parties may use. Makro's Privacy & Cookie Policy is therefore not applicable to these cookies, and Makro refers a customer to their Privacy Statements to read how their data is handled. Makro may collect additional information arising from participation in promotions, events or competitions offered and information provided when giving feedback or completing forms. Makro makes use of various data enhancement services to ensure that a customer's data is as accurate as possible. Makro also recruits new customers through collaborative campaigns with third parties.

Some cookies are associated with a customer's account. Other cookies are not tied to an account but are set on a browser or device. There are two broad categories of cookies:


Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies remain on a device until deleted manually or automatically.


Session cookies

Session cookies remain on a device until they are automatically deleted when the browser is closed.

Makro’s authorised staff and specific third party suppliers serving the direct marketing industry have access to the information for the purposes described above. Tasks of these third party companies and individuals include database and storage management, payment processing, analytics and general improvements of the service. When Makro cooperates with third parties and they process a customer's personal data on Makro’s behalf, Makro makes sure personal data is handled with the same integrity and security.


Makro is committed to protecting customer privacy and does not sell or disclose information to anyone for purposes other than as outlined above, unless legally obligated to do so. Customers are afforded the opportunity to easily opt out of any specific communication channel should they wish to.


Makro is a member of the Direct Marketing Association of SA. Over and above its role as protector, the DMA SA sets out to promote best practice and raise the standard of direct marketing through the origination and regular updating of DM codes of practice and best practice guidelines.

Access Rights

The Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) requires companies to publish a manual of all information held by them. A combined manual has been prepared which applies to all members of the Massmart group and can be accessed via the following link :
Massmart PAIA Manual and ancillary documents:

The information officer can be contacted at :

A customer may opt out from Makro's communication at any time by editing communication preferences under 'my profile'.